My video

Elisavet Kokkoni

Social Media

Full with energy and passionate with almost anything that enriches her knowledge about life and her mysteries,

Dimitris Kokkoris

Kayaker & Adventurer

Dimitris is a design and print communication specialist, a social connector and an adventurer. He studied Printing Management at the Rochester Institute of Technology, USA.

Eirini Fotiadou

Partnerships & Logistics

Eirini is a marketing specialist, a dreamer, a traveller and a citizen of the world who is constantly exploring and trend-hunting!

Eva Kokkori

Website & Blog

 Eva grew up in a world where everything was about color, exploration, imagination, creativity and printing.

Eleni Aktypi

Media Relations

Eleni holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Athens University of Economics and Business

Dimitris Kokkoris | Cannibals Adventure Team | mediterr année

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